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EZ-Clone® Commercial Pro System - 459 with Monthly Subscription Bundle


EZ-Clone® Commercial Pro System – 459 with Monthly Subscription Bundle



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  • EZ-CLONE Pro Commercial – $7985
  • Monthly Commercial Subscription Package -$394.99 (Reoccurring)


The new EZ-CLONE Pro System has been made from fully recyclable HDPE which highly chemically resistant and extremely durable. With 459 cloning sites, the possibilities are endless when your purchase your new EZ-CLONE Pro System. The system features a standard 120v outlet, pull out trays and wheels on the bottom of the system for easy mobility. With a 2-hour clean up time and estimated $1 per day to operate, the system is designed to pay for itself in it’s first cycle. This product comes with a monthly subscription of EZ-CLONE supplies at a special discounted price.

Each Monthly Packages Includes:

13 x 65pack Black Cloning Collars
4 x 35pack of Colored Cloning Collars (Green, Grey, Purple, White)
32 oz bottle of Clear Rez
8 oz container of Rooting Compound

EZ-Clone Pro Commercial Unit Information


  • Save time and labor in cloning.
  • Unit pays for itself in as little as one clone cycle through time and labor savings.
  • Aeroponic misting and controlled environment allow for rooting up to 50% faster than traditional dome/humidity system
  • Know the health of clone’s days faster compared to soil/rockwool
  • Up to 100% viability compared to other systems/methods
  • Less waste when cloning plants with known sex.
  • 100% Clone consistency compared to the variation of seeds
  • Precision control of PH, temperature, and PPM.
  • Save time in delivering 459 cuttings
  • No loss from dehydration or over watering
  • Open air design eliminates stale air which becomes a breeding ground for mold and biological issues
  • Don’t be a slave to your garden. Automated systems keep your clones growing for days without supervision. Keep your pH right, and your good to go!
  • See the viability of clones in the system days before other systems and methods
  • Heathier and more consistent clones with the highest yield possible! 

Additional information

Weight 500.00 lbs
Dimensions 58.00 × 36.00 × 90.00 in


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